OMG there's so much spam on my local timeline!!!! I apologize for not paying attention. Deleting it now. I guess I'll have to turn on moderation for new accounts.

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@leo Heh, funnily enough was listening to the latest TWiT where you mention there's nobody on Mastodon and thinking "Oh noes! I'm a nobody now. 😉 "

@craigmaloney No you're a somebody!! But relative to other social networks, Mastodon is kind of a back water. Some like it that way!

@leo @craigmaloney I certainly like it that way. The spammers that bother with this backwater at all don't even try that hard so it's very easy to pick out and reject their signups here :blobcheeky:

@msh @leo @craigmaloney

Well Ah’ll be!

I member wan Leo here was a lil’ baby tooter!

@craigmaloney @leo Thing about us nobodies, there are quite a few of us out here.

@murph @craigmaloney We're all nobodies, and somebodies. It just comes down to context.

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