OMG. Have you tried note taking with Roam, yet? 🤯 - if only it were open source and something I could run on my own server. Nevertheless, awesome.

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@leo Curious: on first glance it looks a lot like Wiki software. Is that assessment correct?

@craigmaloney it's like wiki on steroids. This article will help clarify the difference:

@leo Awesome. Will give it a peek. I've bounced off hard on other wiki platforms but loved the concept.

@craigmaloney I recently set up Dokuwiki on my Synology NAS, but I've had numerous wikis over the years, both public and personal. I love the idea - Roam has all the benefits of wiki, plus.

@leo The journal page is the killer feature for me. That and being able to create a page without having to figure out where it lives. Will keep an eye on this, as I still like to own my data or have a good export, and this doesn't _quite_ answer that question yet.

@craigmaloney Roam does have an export to JSON or Markdown, but I also worry about being dependent on a single vendor. The software is stellar, however.

Having read the article, my immediate concern is bloat over time, exacerbated by direct mapping between the single tag name-space and any instance of a tag's use. The solution, I think, is to leverage links as context in their own right: constellations of meaning within a tag affect a weighting in conjunction with adjacent/mutual ones to constitute a kind of meta-data bordering on AI fodder of the type common now with, say, Siri suggestions.

@leo What I think this would allow is for the user to craft connotations for themselves based on context without polluting their own tag cloud, and while surfacing for them the most relevant links throughout the interface.

@leo Temporality is another vector for context: filter presentation of links such that heavier constellations exert their influence farther into the future than lighter ones. Separate control for relevance per se could let less relevant but heavy ones still show up, or the opposite where you want a more specific valence that overrides even very heavy nearby constellations. Bespoke weightings per would also be possible by individual user selection, even just by session. Possibilities…

@leo In this, metadata itself would become data, in the vein of Smart Search in Apple's Finder, for example. One's perspective on data itself would become data that is as searchable as its subject-matter.

@leo Interestingly, this is the second time this week that I've seen a reference to Roam. What kind of use case do you see? Currently, I use Joplin for note-taking. The only thing that see that is of interest would be the To Do list. What am I missing?

@leo @gSmhearty - really should've clicked the link first. Still trying to wrap my head around this though.

@leo Played around a bit with this. I signed in using one device, then later went home and used a diferent device. First it didn't recognize that I had already set up a workspace, so I had to create another one. Once I saw the URL configuration, I simply changed the URL to first workspace and it worked. Now, it shows me as the Administrator of both.

@gSmhearty @leo last week they were having syncing issues I think you just happened to sign in on the second device while they were experiencing the intermittent outages. When the server works Roam works really well.

@leo Being able to run this or a similar tool like or would be ideal. I don't want to trust that these services will still be there tomorrow especially with documents like this that I need to keep my life organized.

@craig @leo what do you mean? He a little more specific about the issue you're experiencing.

@leo Do you by any chance, know of a good website to teach people how to take good notes? I've never been very good at it, and would love to get better at it.

@Bananafanafofana I like the Cornell system - also if you checkout the Productivity subreddit you'll find lots of inspiration and ideas.

I use for notetaking, but if you're taking notes at lectures, Notability on the iPad is excellent.

@leo Haven't looked at roamresearch yet, but would just throw in that @joplinapp looks good and is open source.

@douginamug @leo @joplinapp IMO roam is on another level to Joplin, good as Joplin is at what it does.

@guyjames @leo @joplinapp haven't tried either! Someone was saying tiddlywiki is more similar to roam.

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