Read this Guardian piece.

It seems increasingly obvious to me that mainstream social media has failed us. It's being weaponized by propagandists in the same way Goebbels used the new medium of radio to manipulate the German populace. You could say the same thing for mainstream media like the 24-hour news channels.

Fleeing to the suburbs of Mastodon and small forums like seems like burying one's head in the sand, but what else can one do?

@leo It's not burying one's head in the sand. It's organizing the resistance.

@leo I think this course of action is the best course of action. <he says hiding in masterdon>

@leo I think of it more as an abandonment of their manipulation and data abuse. I hadn't posted on Facebook or Twitter for years because of it.

Also, small communities are largely free of rampant abuse by anonymous community members.

@leo is a safe space for us 🤓

@leo anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this method of data collection and targeting used during the Obama campaigns and widely praised?

Don't get me wrong, I'm concerned Trump is in power; however nobody seemed to care about this until they started looking for excuses why Trump won.

From an outsiders POV, any Republican candidate had a chance against Hillary because the Republican base hate her more than the Democratic base love her.

@andrewmelder @leo It is amazing how one side's brilliance is often considered the other's fascism...both sides seem to do that sort of thing.

@leo I think that social media power comes from its level of adoption by the society.
If people turn away from them then that power is diminished.
They will still be there as mediums of communication but with diminished value/power.
So replacing massive social networks with curated,nspecialised ones is a lot more than burying ones head in the sand. It may even be part of the solution of the problem.

@leo regarding traditional media. A few years ago I realised that BBC was misinforming me either directly or by omissions. I stopped watching and paying the license.
AFAIK recently a lot of other people have done the same so their viewing numbers have fallen. We can choose our source of information.

@leo it's only hiding in the sand if you don't tell people where you went and why. Every user who moves weakens the stranglehold the network has.



First, I’m glad you are back... been a fan since the mid 90’s.

Here in the fediverse, we are forging the internet and social networks as they were once meant to be. Focused communities, talking to one another is not sticking your head in the sand. It is the promised future re-emerging from the corruption of the data silo services.

We are going to own the future. I am currently preparing to present on this at security conferences this year.

Let your old data go stale, let their datavores eat poorly. Here we can move forward with the bright future and promise shown by the wild internet of the 90’s and early 2Ks by controlling our own data footprint and interaction space.

There is a future and it is federated. As with most things, you happen to be here just a little earlier than most.

@TheGibson @leo It took me a long time to recognize that letting my data get old and stale was the best way to give the bird to some of these companies.

@mnw @leo

It impoverishes them.

Let them die naturally... like MySpace.

@leo Speaking of datavores, there is always keeping one's old profiles alive via Markov Chain. Why let them starve when you can actively poison them?

@leo TL:DR: "it's so big, it's much bigger than we though, they sponsored parties in Ukraine and US, it's much bigger and clearer and did we say it's much bigger?"


Mastodon gets back to what the internet was at the beginning. All social media has done is "re-AOL" the internet, but worse.

@leo as someone that's recently got into the streaming community (twitch, FB, periscope, YT, & mixer) what has really upset me is realising from the content creation side how walled off everything is. It's why I stream to so many platforms. Facebook especially has monotised this so that it's pretty much pay to play.

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