I'm packing for CES - we leave tonight. @Lisa already has a cold and I'm desperately trying not to get it.

The plan is for Ant Pruitt and me to rush around the show floor capturing 3-5 minute videos of every booth with something interesting.

We're shooting 4k video on my Sony A7RIV with a 16-35mm lens. The hope is our editors can "pan & zoom" by cropping into our normal 720p posts. The biggest unknown is audio - I'm hoping the Sony Digital shotgun mic will get the job done.

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@leo @Lisa Have a good trip and hope you don't catch the lurgy. Hopefully you're not patient zero (via Lisa) for the CES flu 🙂

@Pommster @leo its is payback time. I’m the one who always gets something at CES - it’s a 🥶 not the flu.

@leo @Lisa if audio is an unknown, are you considering a second audio source as a backup just in case? At least until you are more confident in the shotgun mic.

@leo If you want to check out some bigger glasses-free-3d, looking-glass would be worth checking out :-

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