I just bought a 16 terabyte Seagate Ironwolf NAS drive for $450 ( Installing it as we speak in a Synology 1515+ NAS. replacing a 2TB drive. More than doubling the capacity of the NAS. What a world.

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That is badass. And I thought my 2 TB nvme I put in my MacBook air was big pimpin' Doh! This is way cooler. 👍

That is fuckin' sick. 16 TB so much pr0n 🤪 you can open another instance and take out sinblr. ROTFLMAO 🤪

On the serious side what is the MTBF for that thing? Where are you backing up to? Haven't read stats, is it SSD or platters? Sorry so many questions. So much data.

@leo That's incredible! When I sea Seagate I immediately think of the old bigfoot drives. Tech moves so fast. 16TB is fantastic! Congrats

@leo Did the Synology recognize the drive? That seems almost unfathomable that it would work.

@craigmaloney It did 🤗 but I was using RAID 6 so the extra space went unused. 🤔

Should have checked Synology's RAID calculator ( I would have seen that I needed to switch to their proprietary RAID, SHR, to benefit. Did that.

Now I have 11TB with 13TB unused. But... if I buy just *one* more 16TB drive... profit!

@leo Ah, good to know. I have two Synology NAS boxes (DS213J and DS215) that are getting a bit full so wondered if that might be an alternative (though to be fair, getting one that's got more than 2 bays would probably help more.) Thank you!

@craigmaloney Do check drive compatibility. Not all Synology NASs can handle 16TB drives. My 1515+ is a few years old, though, and sees the whole drive.

@leo Will do. Just surprised that 16TB was supported at all, though it looks like the 1515+ is a little above the paygrade of my consumer kit (though I just use them as backup drives).

@leo I think installing four more of those is really the prudent thing to do 😋 80tb yes please!

@john @leo ...all in the interest of technology review, of course.

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