Up early for the 8:38 Amtrak back home. Funny thing about train travel, it takes a couple of hours more than driving, but it seems to pass faster.

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@leo I've wanted to travel somewhere via train. Maybe that's something we can do this year. Thank you for the inspiration.

@leo Is it that the train drivers slower or that the train takes a less direct route?

@Phil the train follows the highway pretty closely but it can only do 30 mph on the climbs. Also there are four stops. It does do 80 mph on the flats though!

@leo thank you. The stops alone explain the excess time. Glad you have enjoyed the trip. Can't wait to see the content coming out of the LastPass studios for 2020.

@Phil it’s just a more leisurely way to travel. Like any mass transit it’s less convenient and slower but the benefits of not having to drive in the snow more than make up for it. 🕴

Traveling by train is wonderful, one of the things that makes European visits memorable. So much fun, space, sometimes there's cafés on board.

And all night TrenHotel. Took one from Lisboa to Hendaye, this past Spring, and it's great.

I stopped at Burgos though, didn't follow all the way to Hendaye as planned (to take another train to St Jean and the start of Camino Francés).

Portuguese Railways are my favourites, love the country.


@leo I could go for an all day Amtrak snoozefest into the weekend.

@leo been watching a lot of YouTube videos about cross country train travel and the pros do outweigh the cons as you don’t need to deal with other drivers.

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