Can you believe it’s 2020?? We live in the future, but we still don’t have flying cars! Happy New Year my fellow Toots!

@leo OK, so if it's really you, please answer this question:

In a steel-cage-match fight-to-the-death between you, and Stewart Cheifet, who would win?

@Ricardus Stewart is buff - I don’t think I’d stand a chance. Unless we could fight in Lisp.

@leo Fair enough.

Ok. I'm convinced. It's you! 🙂

@leo Happy new year to you as well, Leo! Enjoying the SN podcast since many years (plus the ads, quite convincing). Looking forward to see Steve tooting here as well. Greetings from Germany where we are working hard on flying taxis!

@leo but we got spy devices in every home and body scales that wish you happy birthday 😬

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