Riding on the Amtrak California Zephyr in the High Sierra - Donner Lake into the Summit Tunnel. 🚂

More trains are in our future. We want to ride the Trans-Canada VIA from Vancouver -> Toronto next!

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@leo I'm a big fan of trains. That is one thing I missed moving from UK to Australia. Australia is too sparsely populated for interstate fast trains. My most memorably train journey is still London to Paris on the Eurostar, in first class.

@leo Such a shame that we don’t have real high speed trains here in the USA.

@Joe I agree. Riding the Shinkansen at 180 mph from Osaka to Tokyo was a real eye-opener.

But to Amtrak's credit, the Zephyr was right on-time at every stop (and early into Reno) and reached speeds of 80 mph on the flats (slowed to 30 mph as we climbed into the mountains, of course!).

@leo I love riding Amtrak, but it is outrageously expensive. I used to take the Acela from NYC to DC and it was fun.

@leo wow this is very impressive scenery. The video quality is also quite nice 🙂

@leo keep us posted when that Toronto trip happens! :)

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