First! 😀 Only. 🤔

Welcome to the new TWiT Mastodon Instance! It's like Twitter but open, federated, and dedicated to TWiT Fans. My new handle is @leo - see you there!

@leo - FUCK YEAH! Leo is my Nigga Love you man! ZDTV was the shit!

@leo I'm happy to see you are on mastodon! Welcome aboard. I would beg you please to not spam the fake "@twitter" links that other celebrities seem to like to do. Happy 2020!

@mnw I’ve been on for years. I’m just setting up my own server finally. I’ll save the spam for the bird site.

@leo Huzzah! I'm glad I was made aware of your presence then. Sorry for being so defensive.


Welcome in the new year with a new server. I hope to see more of the TWIT team on mastodon!

@leo New Year, new Masto Instance. Glad to have seen @jonw post about it on Hackers.Town.

Thank you for the service, Leo.

@leo What’s Up Leo My Tech Friend
I am Now on Twit.Social
Roberto The Linux Tech Guy👍

@leo congrats on hosting a mastodon instance, glad you're Leo:)

@leo you obviously have a 14 inch rubber dildo snuggly stuffed in your rectum when your profile pic was taken. Suck my unvaccinated cock Leo

@SirDingus Why such anger? Or do you really want your cock sucked?

@leo just make sure you wear a dental dam, don’t want to get that mrna aids that you’re injected with

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