LastPass breaches appear due to credential stuffing.

‘A credential stuffing attack is when hackers take username and password combinations leaked through data breaches and attempt to use them at other online services, hoping that some users reused credentials across different sites.”

@grabe I stopped using LastPass after their bait and switch move early this year.

@grabe No I paid and recommended paying businesses, but I have friends and family that relied on the free version and some can’t afford to pay. It is for those people that I stand and why I have converted myself and my business clients to bitwarden.
I can’t financially support a business that treats people like this.As a business, it is poor practice to take away what was already given. If you want to drive people to a paid/pro version, then freeze features on the free version and upgrade pro

@RobCampbell am I wrong in understanding that the core change was to change the free version from multiple devices to one device? The issue here would be the commitment to long passwords and then learning you now can use them automatically on your phone but would need to enter the passwords manually on a computer.

@grabe The free version is more capable than LastPass. It is open source. You can run your own server if you choose and don’t trust the cloud. It was easy to export from LastPass and import into Bitwarden. I was left with no reason to stay and no reason to recommend it.

@RobCampbell - maybe I will double up with Bitwarden as a learning experience

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