It appears Musk may be trying to find a way to back out of Twitter deal using flawed statistics on bots as an excuse. I don’t understand why this issue is an issue.

The revelations of the insane things Trump considered doing are useful for the public to consider, but the value diminishes with the delay necessary for an insider to secure a book contract and author a book.

What is the point of the Senate’s questioning of Supreme Court nominees if responses to questions are irrelevant? Trust and honesty of the court are at stake.

Visited Amish greenhouses today to purchase flowers and vegetable plants. Interesting people.

Pete Buttigieg is impressive. This from the Univ of Chicago (Bridges, broadband. and babies). I like the part about those who complain but offer no answers.

Are Republican lawmakers really concerned about leaks? They seemed willing to ignore the request that Russia locate and leak information about Clinton. They seemed willing to ignore that Trump attempted to leverage the leader of Ukraine to fabricate and leak information about Biden's son. Their concern seems kind of self-serving. Sorry for the politics. Desperate times - desperate measures.

It appears Republican judges claiming an originalist interpretation of the Constitution are not knowledgeable historians. Isn’t that what making an originalist argument requires?

It is Teacher Appreciation Day. Educators at all levels are going through a difficult few years with the dangers of COVID and political questioning of their motivations. As an educator focused on the promotion of the productive use of technology in learning, I want to acknowledge the important work of all in the profession of advancing the capabilities of others.

The data on a woman’s right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to completion varies from survey to survey. I don’t know of any survey that says this decision should be made by politicians.

Leak (likely) of Roe v Wade reversal is layered on all the other crises facing the U.S.. Politicized court added to other damaging divisions.

This is a book recommendation. The Walter book on the analysis of Civil Wars offers important data-supported insights into unrest. So many of the predictors apply to the U.S.

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