Encountered this guy working in a trailhead parking lot in a Wisconsin state park. “Programmer or writer”, I asked. Software engineer was the reply.

Found this in northern Wisconsin. A bench with solar cells for charging your phone.

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Taktisch wählen? Na okay. Machen wir noch eine GroKo unmöglich, die (nicht nur) beim Klimaschutz auf der Bremse steht.

Am Sonntag können wir eine Partei wählen, die in der Regierung auch tatsächlich was ändern kann. #GrünWählen

Anti-vaxxers suddenly claiming they require a religious exemption because of their affiliation with an obscure religious organization makes you wonder if that organization teaches the importance of being truthful. Is a donation required?

By Texas logic, why don’t states allow citizens to bring a suit against others unable to provide proof of COVID vaccination endangering others in public spaces.

I love traveling to camp in National parks, but the popularity has diminished the quality of the experience and resulted in a deterioration of the resource. Not fair to complain as if I should have any special privilege, but an accurate observation.


The NYTimes offers this statement from the University researchers Facebook has now blocked from researching online issues. "We collect identifying information only about Facebook’s advertisers. We believe that Facebook is using privacy as a pretext to squelch research that it considers inconvenient. "

I tend to avoid political posts, but this one seems too weird and inappropriate to ignore.


Heavy smoke from Canadian fires produce red sunsets in northern Wisconsin.

I have been writing a book using Google Docs. It was not possible to download as pdf evidently because file was too large. Puzzling. Needed pdf to create a Kindle book. Printing to a pdf was the solution.

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@grabe Around here, the titles wouldn't be worth much; can't believe that is a profitable endeavor.

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