I have discovered you can’t access TruthSocial from Europe. I had assumed I had been blocked, but a quick search indicated you can only access the antiTruth from the US and Canada.

Heat and related demand in California should be a message. Climate challenges must be acknowledged.

Facebook put in an awkward position as validity of Hunter Biden speculation could involve an important investigation or an attempt to use conspiracy theory to manipulate public opinion. How can a social media company decide? How can they decide when consumers cannot make reasoned decisions on unconfirmed claims? foxnews.com/politics/grassley-

I have been spending some time exploring Truth Social. There are dozens enrolled as Obama. The membership by definition kind of invalidates what is claimed to be the core principle of the service.

Edmodo, once darling of Ed Tech, is shutting down. The company could never convert free users into some way to make money. No ads for kids. support.edmodo.com/hc/en-us/ar

Truth Social needs to be monitored. Claims made there without the pushback that would occur on other platforms support and expand existing divisions.

I don’t know what to make of Medium. I pay the fee. Is it a way to avoid ads? A way to avoid using an RSS reader?


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Musk backing out or is this just another ploy? Not is seems it is lawyer time.

MLB all star selection process is biased assuming a player largely plays a given position. Twins Luis Arraez is hitting .354 top in MLB by 12 and is listed at first base. He plays multiple positions and is really a second baseman. Weird.

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