From today's Daily Stoic
HHH (my usage):
- Hard work
- Honesty
- Help others as best we can

Also note this is still the last step of the process and still takes over 40 minutes for 1 print. AND it's not time-lapsed like a lot of art I see posted.

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You know what I appreciate in this video besides the beauty of the print created? The time it takes, the patience, and the posting of the full process.
I say this as I listen to a child getting frustrated because they rushed some art and it wasn't perfect

I've been working remote on and off before COVID, 100% after COVID, and now 100% for a remote first company. I've finally started digging into better communication. Check out this article by Doist about async communications.

What I need is a suggested follow list... or even a twitter lookup for those on both services.

Now I just need to figure out how this federation piece works and how I follow others from other servers.

Okay... I have a profile picture. Now I just need to get the header image to save.

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