@leo -- I am using your coverage of Tim Cook's 10th anniversary as a part of my leadership courses.

What if Apple's work with AR is intended to be in an electric car, a vehicle using autonomous technology? Using "Heads Up Displays," where the experience in the "AutoPod" is a whole XR experience complete with video entertainment and educational opportunities displayed to the users, passengers in that Pod. All of that technology, while not fully actualized, is available now. Just a thought. -G

@leo - Just finished Put the Fin in Fungible... I think we may have missed an intermediate step with AR/VR and Apple (or others). I have been working with Lenovo and ClassVR to look at their tools. However, some of the most transformative work is using a shell set with an iPhone slid inside and streaming content. Looking forward, Apple can let the camera on the phone drive the AR in the headset content. We don't need a specific device for VR / AR. Just the headset case will do the job.

@leo, I'm suggesting that Ford and Apple create a new subsidiary, not dissimilar to what GM did with Saturn. We can point to the mismanagement of that project, and yet, Saturn distributed the EV1 back in the day.

Hey, @leo I just finished your Podcast "Apple's Rumored Electric Car: Why Kia? - I think we are all missing the boat. Apple is not going join forces with Kia, I'm betting that they will join with Ford. That venture makes more sense if you follow their stated goals moving forward in the electrical car market. Kick that around. I believe I'm right on this one. Let's see.

Just hammered out through the first ten chapters of this book. I think I can recommend it. Yeah, interesting read.

A school administrator's role in a COVID-Driven, online, and asynchronous classroom is to ensure the delivery of instruction WITHOUT sacrificing student data privacy. Instructional time with your students can be gained back over time; students' privacy is a commodity lost forever.


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