No Agenda Meetup in Budapest. Viktor Orbán will be the guest of honor.

Bernie Sanders’s followers are pretty much all straight-up grifters.

I knew we’d eventually find a use for Millennials…

“A team at Stanford University has reversed memory loss in elderly mice by flooding their brains with spinal fluid from younger animals.”

Any iOS alternatives to the official Mastodon app?

Translation: “I’m trying to get out of this Twitter deal before Tesla craters even further.”

This is a Russian 2S4 Tyulpan 240mm heavy mortar in traveling configuration and in firing position. Somewhere in Ukraine.

“Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” was an interesting (ie campy) movie, but I don’t get Charles Addams’ pun (I believe this is captionless.) Perhaps part of a publicity tie-in. @apertus

I’m happy that there is a Linux distro for the M1 chip, I guess. However, what’s the use case? MacOS is already *nix-based and has many standard command line tools. If a tool you need is not installed natively, there’s certainly a port. Finally, daemons are cooler than penguins.

Like all right wing fascist nut jobs, General Walker was deathly afraid of…Mad Magazine.

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Raving Republican lunatic Wendy Rogers has perfected the No Agenda Conspiracy Method. She *at least* deserves Honorary Dame status. @adam

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