I think Google or the app owners may want to rethink their logos and/or order when giving suggestions.

Well...been missing fiber internet for so long...and now 🎉🎉 IT'S COMING BACK! 🎉🎉 Even after the promo, still cheaper that current service, plus getting full 600Mbps up/down service; just hope it works out... 🤞

And now...a word from our sponsor:


If anyone is interested or looking for a good used phone I'm selling my unlocked OnePlus 8 Pro with some accessories. It's just not completely compatible with my new phone service provider so no need to keep.

If interested or any questions, let me know.



2454. Fully Vaccinated 

title text: "You still can't walk into someone's house without being invited!" "What/ Oh, I see your confusion. No, this vaccine is for a bat VIRUS. I'm fine with doorways and garlic and stuff."


Anyone else use/have an issue with Facebook Marketplace Search?

Follow-Up to Previous Post (twit.social/@devnull/105747060)

I was watching deal sites and resale sites trying to find a replacement printer; wanted reasonable price and shipping or local pickup. Located a <1000 page color laser printer (Canon MF726Cdw) for $150.

Odd issue was had to increase FB search to 500 miles to find post 12 miles from me; else never showed up. Noticing that more too; going to be hard for folks to sell/use, IMHO.

Current State of Inkjet vs Laser Printer?

tl;dr: Do inkjet printers still have clogging issue from low/infrequent usage?

Currently have an older Samsung color laser printer. Time to buy new toner and, given age, may be time to get new printer all together with tax return. It will sit for weeks or months before needing to print again. I know back in the day, infrequent use of inkjets would require head cleanings, etc. Is that still an issue, even with EcoTank-like printers, today?


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