hi @leo It’s great that you’re learning Spanish. It’s only a paper I know, but I have a Master’s Degree in Spanish. I am not Mexican. Studies have shown that the general Spanish spoken in Mexico, in the streets and towns is closest to the proper Spanish taught in schools, more so than any other Spanish speaking country, even Spain. You have nothing to worry about. Everyone will understand you and vice versa. Just keep studying. Tip: listen to the radio in Spanish and sing along!

@leo I considered buying Rene's pick 😁 yesterday but really liked the idea of the SanDisk drive you advertised. At the end of the show I ordered a 256gb version from your link. Within an hour UPS advised that a shipping label was created. Amazingly I received it today! Lucky to live close by, but what a great sponsor! Thank you for all the great content.

have you watched Posessions on HBO Max? I am enjoying it. Never have liked any show where I have to read subtitles. I think maybe its because the main character is so darn pretty.


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