Space X launched it's second crewed Falcon 9 today, carrying four astronauts to the International Space Station. W00t.

Ok my TWiT Army peeps... what/who are some good follows on here for a new account holder like myself?


The name Club TWiT falls flat with me. I like TWiT+ more, even if it is the "fad" with paywall content currently.

Undecided if I'm going to subscribe... I don't mind the ads on TWiT, generally. LOL

So... is the only TWiT Discord associated with Club TWiT? or is there a general server as well?

I've spent the bulk of the day exploring how and what I want to buy for a new garage setup.

I'm a Craftsman fan.

Now I just need to win the lottery.

I'm not quite sure how I want to use this social network yet. Do I keep this just tech related? Do I use it how I would anywhere else? It's a fresh start, but I'm still me. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

@sorgatron LOL. Good thing there are a lot of Youtubers in the space to help fill the void!

@sorgatron haha... and yet casuals like me can roam around the content library and watch all the past shows, documentaries, specials, etc. (I haven't fully explored what's available yet)

I'm not up to speed yet with the 2021 WWE... I'm still back in 1996, and taking my time to "relive" the genre. I've missed SO much that nothing really makes sense, so I said screw it.. I'm starting over. LOL.

@sorgatron I haven't really been into wrestling since the Monday Night Wars back when I was a kid. That said, I've been watching some videos on YouTube and have had a bit of a nostalgic boost and interest again. WWE Network including in my Peacock subscription? That draws in "causal" viewers like myself that are not diehards to the genre.

So, one of the things I get to do this weekend is figure out and learn about Nvidia's K20 Tesla GPU Accelerator cards.

My boss, not being about to get new GPUs, decided to buy K20s instead.

Anyone got a good place to point to to start learning about them?

@leo Oh crap! At first glance I thought you had a quad-monitor setup going there! I forgot you got an Alienware gaming TV. Nice!

I've followed TWiT since the TWiT Cottage days... even before the first Skyp-o-saruras (spell?)

Even when folks like "TWIT Drama" pull out all the dirt (we all get dirty -- they are just dumb, IMO), I still follow @leo and the network and have long since lost count one how often the knowledge I've gain from this community has helped me, or someone I know, in some way.

Any who... enough rambling. Happy Saturday.

Hello everyone. Long time viewer and follower of TWiT. I had a TWiT Army account way back in the day. After seeing the stuff in the lower thirds for so long, I thought I'd give this a try.

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