: cleaning my lineup for a new loadout. the goal will be to have only three

dangit guys! I always go right down to the wire with well here's another shot of soda pop.

@leo are you still using the remarkable tablet? I have an onyx boox note air 2. It runs android 10 so I can have all the ereader apps on it in one place. The built in note app is solid but it does not work as well for third party note apps like noteshelf.

@IcyShark a couple of other pens with some decent weight to them ( not as much as the jinhao 159 ) are the sheaffer taranis and icon

oh... it's ... here's lulu where she likes to be - on top of the world i/e. the fridge.

Finally finished my most recent bike build. this is my daily commuter... for now. On to my next one - a rebuild of an old steel frame with lots of miles on it.

looking at a sony alpha a7 II as an intro to full frame. i would be coming from a sony nex5. any thoughts?

thanks to the google doodle today and a piece on bbc, i have been introduced to the fabulous toots thielemans... the whistling, the harmonica... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

@leo makes me smile when you mention American Girl on a show, i've worked for them for over 11 years now.


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