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Ugh - I've lost my local feed on the Whalebird sidebar and can't figure out how to get it back.

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[However, as stock prices have plunged in an overall market downturn, Musk has suffered from apparent buyer’s remorse and is saying that the deal is “on hold.”

One problem with that move is that it doesn’t exist.

“There is no procedural step in the closing of a company that is called ‘deal on hold,’ there is ‘no deal on hold’ built into the agreement,”]

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Elon Musk’s buyers remorse on Twitter is the funniest fucking thing

I think these perfectly encapsulate the slow motion meltdown of a man with way too much money and power.

[Please Like Me]

[Reductress » BREAKING: Man Makes Midlife Crisis Everybody’s Problem]

Interesting concepts here: Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Hub & Buttons - Accessories Designed for Accessibility "A new ecosystem of adaptive accessories from Microsoft. Create a setup unique to you."

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(20) Kayvon Beykpour on Twitter: "The truth is that this isn’t how and when I imagined leaving Twitter, and this wasn’t my decision. Parag asked me to leave after letting me know that he wants to take the team in a different direction." / Twitter -

Shocker. GM of Consumer Twitter is fired by CEO. (came over from Periscope)

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I've been working remote on and off before COVID, 100% after COVID, and now 100% for a remote first company. I've finally started digging into better communication. Check out this article by Doist about async communications.

We're going to have to collectively vote with our feet and stop paying attention to Twitter and that includes journalists. Get on Mastodon.

Musk is determined to turn Twitter into a real cesspool

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