"The team obcessed over every pixel, like the way the light moves across the icons."

Yes, because my number one complaint with Windows was not the security or the forced, inconvenient reboots, or the way it regularly resets Edge to be the default browser, or the still crappy File Explorer...

it was proper icon illumination. Now my Windows desktop has ray tracing, yay!

It's so apparent that we need to start now to work towards mitigation strategies and maybe even population shifts.


'The worst is yet to come': Draft UN climate report warns of drastic changes over 30 years


"Climate change will fundamentally reshape life on Earth in the coming decades, even if humans can tame planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, according to a landmark draft report from the UN's climate science advisors obtained by AFP. "

@freakwater I wish the web were more Lynx-friendly nowadays. It's my one of my first installs in a new Linux system.

"Our politics has become so much about punishing your enemies as opposed to supporting your causes." - awesome quote by Alex Kantrowitz on Sunday's TWIT.

Between this and the Supreme Court ruling in favor of NCAA athletes, it's about to be a wild week in sports talk radio. Culture shifts are under way but I don't expect the anti-woke crowd to shift silently.


Carl Nassib of Las Vegas Raiders announces he is gay, pledges $100,000 to Trevor Project

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euro cup soccer:

in Spain on the plain Spain plays with Poland:

The end, Poland beaten after 25 minutes,

Spaniards are cuddling each other out of joy:

Google Is Perpetually Paving Paradise

- me, c. 2021

Firefox 89





Monday is not playing around! Bringing it's A game.

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sex terminology question 

How many people are needed at minimum to call it an orgy?

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Here's an Acronym you should use, if you don't already.

AWFL = Affluent White Female Liberals.

I like this better than "Karen" because, frankly, I feel bad for the actual women named Karen (I know one, she's a peach!).

Where is the ”ffs” emoji even we need it?


"Magnetized" nurse's demonstration of metal key sticking to her because of vaccine backfires


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