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The cruelty isn't the point. The cruelty is a means to an end. The cruelty is how you mobilize useful idiots to turn out to the polls and vote for the vast expansion of the wealth of a tiny number of people. The cruelty is how you get the turkeys to vote for Christmas:


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Randolph Mantooth. What a name. Gives off much more of a "caveman rugged" vibe than a "we're off to have a tea at the Mantooths" vibe.

@pszNicx I've had good intentions to finally get into Skyrim, RDR, No Man's Sky, and probably a few others. Sadly, it'll take the next GTA to get me back to gaming.

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I will punch myself in the balls every time Ron Desantis tweets or otherwise publicly defends Donald Trump from now until Labor Day. 🖕🏽:dvorak:

@freakwater Welp. he was already heading off a cliff back when I last saw him on TWiT

Some brilliant quotes in this one:

Strikes? Labour’s fault. Immigration? Lawyers’ fault. Don’t blame Boris Johnson | Marina Hyde | The Guardian


There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

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Web3 is Flawed (There is no problem being solved,Token Economics is the product) -

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About Jeremy Meeks. His mugshot was so hot it got him a modeling contract while he was still in jail. He served 13 months in jail and walked in NY Fashion Week a year later. He also walked in Milan Fashion Week, helped to launch a fashion line, acted, &...

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@IcyShark that's another point. Apple says their passkeys will be exportable. I wonder if there's plans to allow more than one passkey authority

@Zoness I have them all backed up on a NAS and partially to each other

@IcyShark well that's a positive step. Let's hope it continues.

@IcyShark the logical next step in Tim Apple's pivot to recurring services revenue? I'm sure they'll put in some safeguards to protect people that sound great in a press release, but they're working with big banks on this feature and big banks aren't about consumer protection.

@IcyShark Agreed. The part I don't like is being beholden, now, to LastPass (or Google) for that token. I removed "Sign in with Google" from my Feedly and Obihai accounts a few years ago because I wanted more control. There has to be a better and open way to get rid of passwords.

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