Some brilliant quotes in this one:

Strikes? Labour’s fault. Immigration? Lawyers’ fault. Don’t blame Boris Johnson | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

They forgot DB-9 Serial, AUI, and Dreamcast peripheral.

This is daaark. But not wrong.

The Age of Extinction Is Here — Some of Us Just Don’t Know It Yet | by umair haque | May, 2022 | Eudaimonia and Co

I think these perfectly encapsulate the slow motion meltdown of a man with way too much money and power.

[Please Like Me]

[Reductress » BREAKING: Man Makes Midlife Crisis Everybody’s Problem]

Interesting concepts here: Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Hub & Buttons - Accessories Designed for Accessibility "A new ecosystem of adaptive accessories from Microsoft. Create a setup unique to you."

Sometimes a sweet last bite and sometimes a savory one.

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