@rysiek @kirjis @cousinofjah Hear me out on this one...

I hsve a feeling this will be a way for corporations/education to continue running legacy apps that they are used to, thus allowing MS to do away with the cruft that has weighed Windows down for decades. Most consumers don't really care so long as they can get "flashy new thing". Sure, they may not be able to run their old legacy apps natively, but for a price (the catch), they could.


@claudiom @rysiek @kirjis

One wonders why MS hasn't prioritized this already. The Windows codebase probably resembles the bottom of an old fishing boat by now.

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@cousinofjah I can only assume that they were waiting for thw right time when people would be comfortable paying a subscription for things. Ten years ago, this subscription model would be unthinkable by many users. @rysiek @kirjis

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