Useless thought: There's a giant gulf between Marconi and Macaroni. Be careful out there.

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Brilliant protest anthem

"I don't need petrol cuz he runs on carrots."

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Seashells: Pipe output from command-line programs to the web in real-time -

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Watching Black Widow on disney plus.

Feel sorry people paid to see this in cinema months ago.

It could be better.
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so much social media and podcasts to catch up on

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I'm starting the "GNU/Linux Shell Tip of the Day"
(it starts today and ends a day before tomorrow):

TLDR pages
The tldr pages are a community effort to simplify the beloved man pages with practical examples.

How many people tried to pawn off that Jesus toast as some kind of miracle?

Someone needs to find and interview this model about what must've been an extremely weird assignment.


10 Absolutely Cursed Gadgets That Live in My Head Rent-Free

My favorite suggestion: “Take their phones away and get ‘em on Windows 98.”


Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever - The Verge

"Privately-funded border wall in Texas at risk of falling if it's not fixed | The Texas Tribune"

You can own the libs but you can't own the rain.

We don need no stinkin libraries!


Amazon withholds its ebooks from libraries because it prefers you pay it instead - The Verge

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That Elon Musk, what a legend!

Asshole. I meant asshole.

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