Gotta get used to posting on here more often. Here’s a photo of a little guy from my visit to the state Zoo on the weekend.

While I like PixelFed, the user experience is too compromised for it to be a reasonable alternative (let alone a competitor) to Instgram. At least in my experience so far.

Shame really.

Been a while since I tooted....also a fair bit of time since I posted here😆

Thanks to @leo for mentioning pixelfed on This Week in Google this week as well as I've joined there too. Timely as I've suspended my instagram account this week after getting tired of the ads taking up 90% of my feed.

My temporary work desk in the mornings during the school holidays. Kids bounce around and make themselves tired while I'm able to keep tabs on the office.

This is fantastic. Thought I'd update my profile pic on both here and in TWiT Community with an actual photo of myself for a change.

Look forward to getting to know members of our community here.

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