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What are the top 5 drivers to the coming Great Depression? How do I maximize the 2020s to prepare for the 2030 depression? Learn the answers to these questions and more with our FAQ on the Next Great Depression. hubs.la/H0ZsN4J0

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Someone who is wrong 100% of the time is just as valuable as someone who is always right.

Oldie but a goodie to remember in times like today.

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China bans Facebook β†’ Creates Weibo
China bans Youtube β†’ Creates Youku
China bans Google β†’ Creates Baidu
China bans Whatsapp β†’ Creates WeChat
China bans Bitcoin β†’ Creates e-yuan

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The Celo ecosystem is growing! Starting in the fall, PayU is also giving its nearly half a million merchants the ability to accept @CeloOrg@twitter.com's stablecoin, cUSD.bit.ly/38kaGmx

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A red-tailed hawk stabilizing its head to stay focused on prey as it hovers in gusting winds.

Credit: Bill Bryant bit.ly/3j1ZtNC

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Being over 40 means these are robots I can relate to. Especially the one that blew out its knee, farted, and fell on its face.

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The government has already forked over roughly $530 billion in interest, and total debt payments are estimated to balloon to $6.5 trillion by 2050 morningbrew.com/daily/stories/ via @MorningBrew@twitter.com

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β€œThere’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy" - President Joe Biden (July 8, 21)

Saigon 1975 vs. Kabul 2021

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I watched petrodollarsfilm.com last night and it’s excellent. Another great one by @rjames_BTC@twitter.com with content from @gladstein@twitter.com, @nic__carter@twitter.com and @TheGuySwann@twitter.com. Watch it and share it widely.

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I'm hosting developer office hours now, open to all. Feel free to join and bring questions about building dapps on Celo or whatever your curious about--I'll try to help.
hosted on Celo discord here: discord.gg/AfppbZg2Pd
@CeloDevs@twitter.com @CeloOrg@twitter.com

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Russell value vs growth index going flat for the moment.

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Bought 2 months apart from Target. I have been shrinkflated @LynAldenContact@twitter.com! 943 grams of detergent in the old packaging versus 890 grams in the new one. Price didn't change.

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according to the owner, the dog loves this and does it all the time

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Time to wake up!
πŸŽ₯: ilcastellodorado (IG)

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This is Ollie. He thought he heard an ant trip over here. Came by to make sure they’re ok. 13/10 heroic as h*ck @Trupanion@twitter.com

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