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Forcing the Argentine people into even more debt while actively preventing them from accessing the best tool on the planet to escape inflation as we transition further into the Digital Age, bitcoin, is nothing short of pure evil.


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Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, and a dark side, and it holds the universe together ... -- Carl Zwanzig

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Army ants are blind and rely on pheromones to track the ones in front. If one ant intersects with its old trail then it results in a circular death trap where they spiral until they die from exhaustion.

However, the contrarian army ants might survive.

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Intellectually honest disagreement is valuable because it either 1) helps you find an error in your process or 2) helps you strengthen your argument and see the shortcomings or misunderstandings in the counter-arguments, which can help you better articulate your view.

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It seems rare these days, but remember it is possible to agree with someone in one area, disagree with them in another area, and go on with your life while respecting the other person.

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Interspecies cooperation —
crow helps hedgehog cross the road

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Sometimes you just need to paint a tree. The Bob Ross Channel is on 24/7 on Pluto TV!

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ATTN: There appears to be an active phishing attempt targeting the Celo community. Do not engage with an email from support@celo.org that asks you to reset your wallet password. As a reminder - never share your recovery phrase.

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Warren Buffet's Ultimate Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS — Best Life Ad... youtu.be/cVQ3_cLIEfY via @YouTube@twitter.com

The Venus Fly Trap’s Deadly Speed | Natural Born Killers | BBC Earth youtu.be/OqsYeksYTj8 via @YouTube@twitter.com

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