@leo Will TWiT be streaming the Oculus event next Wednesday?

I just listened to Kara Swisher's interview with Brad Smith it was really interesting.


What do you think about it? Also here's a link to the follow up episode with the NYT cybersecurity writer: pca.st/episode/be703cdb-2b1e-4.

@leo what headphones are good for a beginner podcaster?

@leo is the Heil PR 781 good mic for a beginner podcaster? Or is the AT 2020 better?

@leo what happened to Focus on Photography? Also I think making a YouTube channel that consolidates all the TWiT Hands-On shows would be a great idea.

@leo apparently there's a huge throttling issue with the XPS 15 how do you feel about it? Apparently it also effects the 13.

Asking for a friend: would TOR circumvent Geo-blocking? I'm correct to assume not, right?

Today I noticed that Plex wasn't able to access content on my server so I checked it and everything looked fine than I noticed that the external hard drives (the server is being run off an old computer) that the media is on are unmounting every few minutes and now I have to unplug and plug back in every few minutes. Any idea what could be causing this problem?

What's the type of cable that mic packs use? Is it just mini xlr?

What happened with TrackR? If I saw them being sold for super cheap is there a reason not to buy them?

Would it be possible to make a Facebook like implementation of Mastodon or something like Mastodon?


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