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Having trouble scheduling a COVID shot?
1. Set your time zone back an hour.
2. Create account or login to at 11pm
3. Be the first in line to schedule your shot.

I was able to pick any time I wanted for the new day added a week out. May not work for those in the east. Works in CST Midwest.

I have a major gambling problem. Please don't boost this.

Happy spring to our tooters in the Northern Hemisphere. 🐇

🍂 ˙sɹǝʇooʇ ǝɹǝɥdsᴉɯǝH uɹǝɥʇnoS ɹno oʇ llɐɟ ʎddɐH

10yo broke wrist after roller skating 5 minutes in the driveway today...

My wife has been on chat and the phone with Amazon for more than hour. In November she bought 4 Echo Shows that just arrived today. She learned that as an introductory offer Amazon was giving anyone purchasing 2 Shows a $100 rebate. She wanted the $100, but was told this did not apply to her. She was told to send back the four she received and reorder. She contends this is wasteful to Amazon, but will do it if necessary. It does seem silly.

As a young child I thought vets referred to veterinarians, therefore I was really confused why our country had so many war vets... I mean were there a lot of sick animals in the war?

I think one of the two camps should pick a new name as to not confuse future generations of children.

Anybody else mute Bloomberg Bot because it spams the Fediverse feed too much? I think there is such a thing as posting too much.

Changes to LastPass Free

I've been a premium user for some time, so this change doesn't affect me, but still. I'm not sure what's going on at . This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So "free" users can use it on Desktop OR mobile, but not both? Really? Being cross platform is the whole reason to use it.

I’m not expecting anyone to respond, but it can’t hurt to try. Can/will someone invite me to Club House?

Even colder than last weekend. -17F. Feels like -34F with the wind. I can’t wait for the warm up next week.

Upgraded my Apple Watch in December and today is my first time wearing it on a treadmill. I am amazed at how accurate it was.

About 5 minutes in it recognized I was running and asked if I wanted to record. It tracked my run time and distance pretty close to what the treadmill said.

@leo always says how Twitter is a horrible place, but I never saw it until I recently made a comment on something. The trolls ran wild. I’ll stick with Mastodon.

Ha! Nice job Apple. This is at It looks like a site that they were setting up, but in the end used a different URL?

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