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I’m not expecting anyone to respond, but it can’t hurt to try. Can/will someone invite me to Club House?

Even colder than last weekend. -17F. Feels like -34F with the wind. I can’t wait for the warm up next week.

Upgraded my Apple Watch in December and today is my first time wearing it on a treadmill. I am amazed at how accurate it was.

About 5 minutes in it recognized I was running and asked if I wanted to record. It tracked my run time and distance pretty close to what the treadmill said.

@leo always says how Twitter is a horrible place, but I never saw it until I recently made a comment on something. The trolls ran wild. I’ll stick with Mastodon.

Ha! Nice job Apple. This is at It looks like a site that they were setting up, but in the end used a different URL?

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