Tried to install Cosmic on Manjaro. It didn’t even boot up after restart. No clue how the Cosmic packages caused that.

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Ep22 of the Untitled Linux Show has been published.
This week I talked about the LibreOffice and OpenOffice bug, Kdenlive on TV for a main national Italian broadcaster, and the fun and easy way to quickly test out virtual machines with QuickEmu by Martin Wimpress
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The Untitled Linux Show was fun this week. Our regular host Jonathan was running very late this week so we got started without him and I hosted the show.

The Club Twit Discord has a notification section and based on those stats alone, we are the 6th most popular show on the Twit network.

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@Linux I don’t think they make releasing software more effortless, but it makes obtaining it more effortless.

Taring up the source and leaving it up to the end user to compile would be more effortless for developers.

Episode #18 of the Untitled Linux Show is in the books. Come find us on Club Twit

@leo Going to come on the Untitled Linux Show to tell us all about it one of these days?

@grabe anything will have vulnerabilities. The potential with Chromebooks is probably for a bad actor to be secretly sitting on the computer and infiltrate data and maybe passwords. Because once discover a powerwipe should fix it. There is also the chance it could comprise the firmware and powerwipe process so it doesn’t get removed.

@grabe tricked by a good sales person and they don’t understand technology.

@grabe no. In the rare chance you get something you just powerwipe

If I empty the vacuum bag, does that make me a vacuum cleaner?

@grabe only if you have really slow bandwidth. Should be significantly less than that. a fun project that came up on the TWIT Club - Untitled Linux Podcast this week. May solve some problems for me.

@grabe mainly sessions, but a few contacts. One benefit of in person is the lack of distraction and temptation to do work. The other is making that personal connection with the speaker.
Many conferences I’ve gone to also recorded the session so I catch up on those at a latter date.

@grabe I’ve heard a lot of talk about this over the past year and I think they will. I have done virtual and in person and the virtual were not very good. I do not plan to go to many more virtual, but will go to in person again.

@grabe mainly aesthetics. It’s a web app, trying to be a desktop app, that looks like a web app. Some refinement to look more like a desktop app would be nice. They have improved it over the years. Much better than it used to be.

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