$$$ idea: Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones crossover.

I prepare lecture and lab for the PC repair class, this chapter is about safety and professionalism. Boring topic, any good lab ideas?

Hello from Cedar Point. I did not feel to well on the Raptor.

@kde We aren’t halfway through the year yet… let’s not jump the gun.

New part time job starting in the fall teaching a college course. Going to be fun!

@grabe The free version is more capable than LastPass. It is open source. You can run your own server if you choose and don’t trust the cloud. It was easy to export from LastPass and import into Bitwarden. I was left with no reason to stay and no reason to recommend it.

@grabe people were allowed to use the free version on their mobile devices and computers. With the change, they took this away and made people choose to only allow use on mobile or only on computers. So for anyone using mobile and computers interchangeably it has become useless.
Fortunately there are great alternatives. I now pay for Bitwarden and recommend it to others.

@grabe No I paid and recommended paying businesses, but I have friends and family that relied on the free version and some can’t afford to pay. It is for those people that I stand and why I have converted myself and my business clients to bitwarden.
I can’t financially support a business that treats people like this.As a business, it is poor practice to take away what was already given. If you want to drive people to a paid/pro version, then freeze features on the free version and upgrade pro

@grabe I stopped using LastPass after their bait and switch move early this year.

Customer calls in today complaining that their managed network equipment is beeping.

Tried to tell them it doesn't beep.

Sent out a tech to find it was a CO2 detector with a low battery hidden behind a shelf.

They were very crabby until they found out the real problem.

@Cosmic Isn’t that how hostage situation ls work? They take and hold something that isn’t theirs?

Oh Amazon… are you playing along or did you miss the joke?

The Untitled Linux Show Episode 26 begins soon!

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