$$$ idea: Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones crossover.

I prepare lecture and lab for the PC repair class, this chapter is about safety and professionalism. Boring topic, any good lab ideas?

Hello from Cedar Point. I did not feel to well on the Raptor.

New part time job starting in the fall teaching a college course. Going to be fun!

Customer calls in today complaining that their managed network equipment is beeping.

Tried to tell them it doesn't beep.

Sent out a tech to find it was a CO2 detector with a low battery hidden behind a shelf.

They were very crabby until they found out the real problem.

Oh Amazon… are you playing along or did you miss the joke?

The Untitled Linux Show Episode 26 begins soon!

Due to some schedule changes with This Week in Tech this week (twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tec), The Untitled Linux Show will be live today at 2:30pm Central Time. Catch us on the Club Twit Discord.

Tried to install Cosmic on Manjaro. It didn’t even boot up after restart. No clue how the Cosmic packages caused that.

Catch us live every Saturday at 5:30pm on the Club Twit Discord twit.tv/clubtwit

Ep22 of the Untitled Linux Show has been published.
This week I talked about the LibreOffice and OpenOffice bug, Kdenlive on TV for a main national Italian broadcaster, and the fun and easy way to quickly test out virtual machines with QuickEmu by Martin Wimpress
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The Untitled Linux Show was fun this week. Our regular host Jonathan was running very late this week so we got started without him and I hosted the show.

The Club Twit Discord has a notification section and based on those stats alone, we are the 6th most popular show on the Twit network.

Catch us live every Saturday (normally around 5:30pm CT) on Club Twit. twit.tv/clubtwit

Episode #18 of the Untitled Linux Show is in the books. Come find us on Club Twit twit.tv/clubtwit

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