Tried to install Cosmic on Manjaro. It didn’t even boot up after restart. No clue how the Cosmic packages caused that.

Catch us live every Saturday at 5:30pm on the Club Twit Discord

Ep22 of the Untitled Linux Show has been published.
This week I talked about the LibreOffice and OpenOffice bug, Kdenlive on TV for a main national Italian broadcaster, and the fun and easy way to quickly test out virtual machines with QuickEmu by Martin Wimpress
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The Untitled Linux Show was fun this week. Our regular host Jonathan was running very late this week so we got started without him and I hosted the show.

The Club Twit Discord has a notification section and based on those stats alone, we are the 6th most popular show on the Twit network.

Catch us live every Saturday (normally around 5:30pm CT) on Club Twit.

Episode #18 of the Untitled Linux Show is in the books. Come find us on Club Twit

If I empty the vacuum bag, does that make me a vacuum cleaner? a fun project that came up on the TWIT Club - Untitled Linux Podcast this week. May solve some problems for me.

@RobCampbell @freakwater No plans at the moment. But if there's sufficient interest it could be a Club TWiT special. I doubt we could support it otherwise.

@leo thinking of joining club twit, but wondering when that Hands on Linux show is coming that you talked about last year?

@leo happy to see Bitwarden advertising on twit now. I’ve been using it for a couple months and with your ad I plan to become a paid subscriber. Love open source.

State Farm Drive Safe & Save app flags every hard break and hard turn. They are training me to just keep going and hope for the best if someone walks out in front of me.

Do you hate when automated toilets flush when you lean forward to wipe? Tip: temporarily cover the sensor until you are finished.

His 24 Easter Eggs around the house last night. Kids found 25 eggs this morning and there is still one new egg hidden.

Kids found two old eggs. Not sure if they are from last year or older... I wonder if the candy in them is still good 😂

Having trouble scheduling a COVID shot?
1. Set your time zone back an hour.
2. Create account or login to at 11pm
3. Be the first in line to schedule your shot.

I was able to pick any time I wanted for the new day added a week out. May not work for those in the east. Works in CST Midwest.

I have a major gambling problem. Please don't boost this.

Happy spring to our tooters in the Northern Hemisphere. 🐇

🍂 ˙sɹǝʇooʇ ǝɹǝɥdsᴉɯǝH uɹǝɥʇnoS ɹno oʇ llɐɟ ʎddɐH

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