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@pelagikat The more I learn about *real* sewing (more than putting a button back on or bodge repairs) the more I am of the opinion that men have been robbed of learning vital, complex, 3D flexible construction techniques.
We should have learned this in industrial tech in highschool and we didn't and I am so mad.

Anti Sales-Culture Rant 

Is there ANY situation in which leopard print pants would be "professional"?

Justify it anyway you want, but 'sexy' or 'dolled up' sales people will always infer a lack of product/company quality.

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The existence of "smooth jazz" implies the existence of other jazz textures. 🎢

Rough jazz
Shiny jazz
Matte jazz

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I do not have the
Slightest fucking intention
To fix that printer

Just added hotkeys for filling out Quizzes. This is getting weirdly easy...

- Select Next/Prev Question (w/ highligh of currently selected)
- Select Answer (keys 1-4)
- Submit Quiz & Confirm

At some point I'll refactor my code to handle errors gracefully instead of shoving my failures into the console πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½

Show thread

Is there a decent way to playback video services like Netflix, Hulu, CBS, etc at increased speed?

Podcasts are unbearable at less than 1.6x, and going through old TV series at 2x would be really nice (or documentaries). One day it'll be a standard feature, but until then I'd love a hacky solution.
*Bonus if it works on my Chromecast 😝

Worked 13 hours on Valentine's Day, and had the most fun, productive time in a long time. A 7 course meal with so many amazing dishes! A few of my favorites:
- Pork Belly Appetizers
- Tangerine Vinaigrette Salad on a bed of Beets w/ Lemon Stilton garnish & edible flower
- Halibut on a bed of Artichoke & Fennel w/ saffron broth
- Chocolate Truffles rolled in Roasted Pistachios

I spent ~4 hours a few weeks ago writing a JavaScript injection for a website I use for studying. Current features:
- Next/Previous Page
- Play/Pause media (audio or video)
- Skip Media Forward/Back
- Adjust Playback Speed (default to 1.6x)
- Reset Playback Speed

Just spent an hour smashing my keyboard until I was able to store the playback speed in localStorage to stay consistent across pages & study sessions.

Feeling on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ right now!
(Web dev is NOT my home field)

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chillin' like a 

peasant legally tied to their lord

@dev Absolutely love the microblog project, looks perfect for me. Having trouble adjusting the 'forwarded_allow_ips'.

Microblog Docker --> Caddy Docker --> Public Internet

^I believe this causes the proxy-ip to look like my public IP (or the container IP, depending)


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