It's kind of criminal how much I fail to use my Nebula subscription. The sheer quality of content on that site, for $20 a year, is mind-blowing. I think it's just that it's in its technical infancy, so it doesn't really notify me or in some way engage me to remember to go back to it.

@freakwater the wallet isn’t really an issue though. It is trustworthy, then you’re good. If it’s not, then the damage is done the moment you enter your pass phrase. The only way to be safe is not to the install any wallet at all. As it is, after having played around to learn and make mistakes, I am not installing any new ones, and sticking with the one I tried and liked.

@freakwater I only have a tiny drop of ethereum ($10 worth when I got it), but I have frequently wondered how you trust a wallet app where you just type in your wallet code and hit send.

BSG spoilers 

Starting a rematch of BSG, and my distant memory recalled that Boomer being a cylon was some big twist. But actually it’s kind of broadcast right from the very start.

@duskstriker dammmn. And all those services out there patting themselves on the back for SMS 2FA.

@freakwater They are getting desperate. I seriously wonder if they will even exist in 5 years.

@jp_bennett effect is that a site can't tell you are blocking 3rd party cookies. So sites that would just put up a wall if you do, will continue to work (or to the limit of anything that depends on that third party cookie). You won't get any "You must turn off 3rd party cookies" warning, but I can only think of 2 sites I have ever seen that on in the first place.

@jp_bennett I know, I am asking whether that is any different than other browsers that block 3rd party cookies. I get what it’s trying to do, I just don’t know whether it’s doing anything new.

@mike_mattatall I remain disappointed by Civil War, mainly because of the big hero fight 2/3 of the way through. Everyone trashing airplane, destroying the control tower, trashing the concourse, it honestly made me agree with the Sorkovia accords if "heroes" are going to act like that. It ruined the moral ambiguity of the premise of the movie.

@eviljohn I know, but that's not what I am asking. Safari and Brave for example have blocked 3rd party cookies for ages. Is this any different than that. Is FF doing anything new here?

Someone enlighten me. How is this different than the many browsers or plugins that already block 3rd party cookies? Is that not what a 3rd part cookie is? A cookie from another site?

@T3fl0n I though browsers that block 3rd party cookies already did that. How is this different than just block 3rd party cookies?

@T3fl0n @phildini interesting. I am using airtable for some condo board expenses, but I am conscious of the question about hitting their free limit. I am going to keep this in my back pocket.

Re watched winter soldier and civil war over the weekend. I’m read for Falcon and the Winter Soldier this week. Gimme my MCU

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