Is there a total bees knees of mastodon iOS clients? There are a few on the App Store, but with very few reviews overall. I am using Mercury, and it’s ...ok. I might pay for one, but I don’t want to buy them all just to test them.

@Pictor is there anything in particular you want that you don't get from just adding the site to your home screen?

@Ander I don’t like just bookmarking sites. A properly done native client is usually superior than a pure web interface.

@Pictor fair enough. Remember the early days of the Facebook app though? Definitely not superior!

@Pictor I'm using the free Tootle. A bit complicated as first but seems to do the job once I got used to it. I paid for Mast but I don't like the layout as much (Home/Local/Fed at the top rather than an easy click at the bottom).

@tokyotony I did try Tootle but liked Mercury more. It was a little more native friendly with better gesture support.

@Pictor on iOS, I paid for Mast but wasn’t impressed. I like just keeping it simple and using it on safari.

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