It's kind of criminal how much I fail to use my Nebula subscription. The sheer quality of content on that site, for $20 a year, is mind-blowing. I think it's just that it's in its technical infancy, so it doesn't really notify me or in some way engage me to remember to go back to it.

BSG spoilers 

Starting a rematch of BSG, and my distant memory recalled that Boomer being a cylon was some big twist. But actually it’s kind of broadcast right from the very start.

Someone enlighten me. How is this different than the many browsers or plugins that already block 3rd party cookies? Is that not what a 3rd part cookie is? A cookie from another site?

Re watched winter soldier and civil war over the weekend. I’m read for Falcon and the Winter Soldier this week. Gimme my MCU

What Programming's Past Reveals About Today's Gender-Pay Gap? When men enter a female-heavy field, perceptions of women don’t improve—perceptions of the job do. (by Rhaina Cohen)

I am bothered a bit that optimized charging means I only have 88% charge after charging all night.

This is really nice: "SVG Repo - Search and find 300.000+ open source SVG graphics fastest way"

Hey email could also be turning into a blogging platform by emailing from your Hey account.

Brings new meaning to the phrase 'CC the world'

In Terry Pratchett's disc world, "The trunk" was a long distance semaphore relay. A way to honour a deceased person was to keep their name "alive on the trunk", hidden in other messages. Since Sir Terry's passing, fans have kept his name alive on the internet, but Mastodon has the concept of the trunk...and I really want to figure out how to combine those concepts.

Just discovered Zoey's extraordinary play list, and just devoured the first 5 episodes in as many hours.

Man WandaVision is getting better and better

geez, got a promo deal with a new ISP for 150 down, 15 up for $30 cheaper for a year. Just set it up and I get this. I mean I'm expecting 150, but is they are going to throw 300 down at me, I won't say no.

Ha! Nice job Apple. This is at It looks like a site that they were setting up, but in the end used a different URL?

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