iOS safari extensions is the 2nd best thing of iOS15 (after live text)

I used Hey Siri to add a reminder, and my phone and watch both heard me, and each independently added a reminder....and phrased differently (one of them misinterpreted me)

I hate it when people trot out the word rape to support reproductive choice. Pro-choice means supporting reproductive rights for someone who had perfectly pleasant sex, but just feels like not having a baby. Choice is choice, even if the reason is "I want to, mind your business".

After listening to MBW, decided to look up the Ember mug...sounded cool

$130 USD



Does anyone know...does iCloud email do image proxies...or does the Mail app do it. If I use the mail to access gmail...or something like Spark mail to access iCloud, which combination is the one that includes the new privacy features.

Anyone can try out the Safari tech preview now at

No need to install Monterey beta, or have a dev license.

Now that I have a standing desk, I am more annoyed than ever at the apple watch stand tracker. It claims I have stood 4 times (checking for a minute of standing in an hour), when I have in fact been standing almost constantly for 6 and a half hours (minus a half hour call it 6). I just don't know how it's supposed to tell.

How long has Apple Music had animated album covers? Check out the movie sound track for In the Heights.

I feel it wouldn't be hard for OSX to just substitute a Memoji into zoom calls. Create a pseudo video feed, and use that as your video, and boom, animated Memoji.

Oh cool, TOTP codes built into iOS15. I use 1Password, which does the job admirably, but for people unfamiliar with them, and unfamiliar with how to set it up, or which app to trust, that should help.

Wait…so Twitter Blue is a paid service, but you’ll still see promoted tweets (ie ads)? Who is paying for a service that still gives you ads?

@leo you said you didn’t do Hey because of price, but Big Mail is about the same price, and it’s not even a service, so you still need to pay for your Fastmail as well. In total it will cost you more.

Well I just learned that Apple Music's "New music weekly" is not just newly released music, but is meant to be "new to me". Apple...that needs to be branded better. I've been looking for a playlist like this ever since I signed up.

Find the following in your iOS 14.5 privacy settings. Turn it off (or don’t, I’m not your boss)

I find it odd that I still can’t figure out if the new Apple TV will finally support spatial audio.

I was thinking about how someone might design a wallet with an air tag sized pocket, and then I realized the answer is to actually make a 3rd party implementation using the same API. That's the whole point of making it an open platform after all.

Ok, it's been confirmed at least that the colour correction tool will be available on older Apple TVs

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