@leo TWIT Aug 29 The Chromebook hate from the panel was the view of a crew of Tech Nerds. I have successfully [followed your lead] 'transformed' many friends to chromebooks, works for them just perfectly. And as You Well Know, it Greatly reduces the amount of late evening texts for Windows help... πŸ‘ πŸ† πŸ‘

@leo Do you still have your jitsi setup? Even though, Everyone wants zoom...? I use jitsi on my phone, often. Next I would like to have my own jitsi server(?) Thanks !

@leo I wonder what Steve G would say..?
Harry Litman
This is science fiction. Except it isn't. "The main fuel supply line to the U.S. East Coast has shut down indefinitely after the pipeline's operator suffered what is believed to be the largest successful cyberattack on oil infrastructure in the country's history."

@leo On the recent TWIG you and Jeff were talking about Gilligans Island: Made me recall this great version of the theme: youtu.be/K4MKQMTHplI

@leo Alex Jones Lost $500+ Million in Bitcoin on Misplaced Laptop. ~Perhaps that will lower the pain level of your locked up BTC ?

@leo Would you please do a know how [or what is called, now?] re: setting up a jitsi server at home ?

Thanks !

PS: How's the high speed swooshing in the new E ?

@leo Congrats, Captain ! Zoom Zoooom ~Perhaps Swoosh Swooosh

@leo Stellar opener on TGL today πŸ‘ πŸ‘ It would be a grand conversation for Amy Web and Brianna Wu.

@leo I am wondering if Brianna Wu might appear on an upn coming TWIT speak to the gateway to .gov learnin' about tech and actual security i.e. not back doors to everything as a solution. *Perhaps a few words on bring back manners online. πŸ‘Œ


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