Congrats Michael - the Pack won. First time ever wearing a non-49er jersey. It’s happens.

I've recreated the old Twitter links_for_twit feed here at @twitnews. Stories I bookmark for our shows will be autoposted with my comments here. Follow if you want a tech news feed (~10 posts a day).

I heard from my Ford dealer. My Mach-E First Edition order (reservation # in the mid 9000's) won't arrive until Valentine's Day.

Our first drive review,, will have to do until then. I'll do a full review in early March.

I love voting! It makes you feel like you have a say.

And we’re off! Husband / wife team today. Let’s go check out PCs! @leo

Don’t worry he’s not kissing me. We need his voice this week at CES2020.

Where here! Ready for CES 2020 & we have 42 Mbps upstream. @leo is happy. Ready for coverage? Tomorrow!

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