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I love how safe Japan is.

Was trying to figure out what 3 police officers were gathering near the park were doing. Then I got to watch them giggling as they tried to put a (fairly large) snake in a bag.

Instead of a “Skip Introduction” button on TV apps, can we just not have them after the first episode? Not every TV show needs a GoT intro…

I wish CNN had asked me, but I think CNN+ shouldn’t have been docs/shows but sub-channels with 24hr coverage of specific topics:

CNN Finance
CNN Tech
CNN Politics
CNN Asia
CNN Africa
CNN Europe

I totally would have subscribed! You can hire me

This is great news! But I hope they are different Siennas than the ones here in Japan. I use a power wheelchair with a headrest and I had to tilt my backrest ridiculously low to get in a Sienna... can you share the height to get in?

Ok, *now* I’m ready for some

A meeting that breeds another meeting is truly the worst kind of meeting….

Aaaaah, had an Series X in my cart but these crippled hands ain’t fast enough

Really want an but I’m never fast enough. :(. They need a special speed for people with disabilities…

Hmmm have super mixed feelings about this.

Yay for improving accessibility, but…

Are we supposed to say sorry to everyone now for the raised prices?

Would have been cheaper if it was accessible to begin with… just sayin’

Interested in visiting to see the ? If you are a user interested in , check out my blog. There was way too much to put into one post, so feel free to ask questions in the comments.

It is still rainy and cold but the vending machine at work stopped selling hot drinks!

Will Apple’s reader app policy change make difference for Xbox GamePass cloud streaming?

First time on a Shinkansen without looking resentfully at the “Book with our app!” ads… because users can do it too now (on Tokaido)!
Even was able to do a time change!
Just showed up, tapped my phone and asked for the ramp!
Love seeing improve.

Just saw MC Hammer in a Japanese music retrospective TV show. “Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em” was my first tape. Needs a relisten.

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