I love this picture. It looks like Chancellor Scholz and President are PM Kishida’s body guards 🤣

I guess the economic downturn has them working second jobs as well…


I want to try!

Universal Baseball: One Japanese Man’s Mission to Create an Accessible Pastime for Disabled Children | Nippon.com nippon.com/en/japan-topics/g02

Another day of being another day of discrimination. Found Yuen Bettei Daita, opened in 2020 but looks like a traditional Japanese inn. Called excitedly about room but told a could damage floor & rooms not designed for wheelchair users. 😭

Is there a way to edit the “Accessible Places” in Google Maps?
A number of places I know have accessible entrances but it says they don’t….

Such a great documentary from @NASA@twitter.com! Go watch it, now!


How did I miss this Drunk History with my hero @judithheumann@twitter.com!?


Wasn’t expecting the angle in Welcome to Earth. Pleasant bonus.

Wonder if I’ll be able to buy an Xbox Series X before Starfield comes out … 😮‍💨

Can you change the colors of columns in Tweetdeck?

Watching Japan v Tunisia and really amazing to see that the same name Hannibal is around 2000 years after that elephants in the Alps adventure.

Thought you might like this @acedtect@twitter.com - it has Korean! Just be sure to turn it off while doing @dtnsshow@twitter.com :P


Woohoo! OneDrive is now M1 native!

Final holdouts:

Sorry @dtnsshow@twitter.com , only a distant shot of the mug this time (around 3:20)


Just had an app update for Skype. Forgot about Skype.

Having your wheelchair repaired while you sit in a small room with just your iPad is actually quite productive!

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