I love this picture. It looks like Chancellor Scholz and President are PM Kishida’s body guards 🤣

I guess the economic downturn has them working second jobs as well…

Uhh… creating an @GoogleAds@twitter.com ad for my site about travel and used a picture of me in my and it was considered “clickbait”?! I have seen sooo many inappropriate ads featuring scantily clad people, but wheelchairs are clickbait?!

The ropeway is also accessible. The carriages themselves have a few variations (liftable seats or just cram yourself in the aisle). There is a slight bump to get in, but no gap or height difference.

While the cable car station at Gora still has a steep, slanted ramp to get on, Sounsan Station has a flattened platform near the accessible seating and new elevators (before it required 3 station staff push you up a steep platform!)

A great adventure always starts with accessible transportation.

Humbled tonight as I watch shows featuring disability rights pioneers (青い芝の会) and first major actor with a disability (神戸浩さん) in Japan. I can have my life in Japan thanks to them. And motivation to fight for the next generation.

Not sure why, but I reaaaally want to play Sleeping Dogs again. Hope there is a remaster one day, or better yet a sequel!

The more I can’t order an Xbox Series X, the more I want an Xbox Series X….

Ok, *now* I’m ready for some @TheTechJawn@twitter.com

Aaaaah, had an @Xbox@twitter.com Series X in my cart but these crippled hands ain’t fast enough

Just saw MC Hammer in a Japanese music retrospective TV show. “Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em” was my first tape. Needs a relisten.

I happened to see Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” album art and thought it was Putin for a split second 💦

It was such an honor to be a judge for the @JPNTravelAwards@twitter.com and so excited to see amazing initiatives from around celebrate , and .

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

Just rediscovered the Unchained podcast with @laurashin@twitter.com and my mind flooded with traumatic memories of playing Nioh. (I always listened while playing and her voice kept me calm so I didn’t smash my PS4…)

I’m honor of cat day…
My cat has incredible core strength. She was on my legs this morning and even though I had a leg spasm she was like “Nope. Not getting off warm legs.”
(the cat in question ⤵️)

Getting excited when you see in an email from Netflix there is a new season of Brooklyn 99 🤩

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