Changed my phone case for the first time in two years.
Apparently my phone is blue. Huh.

I was looking at someone’s Wikipedia page and it said they were born in 1982 and currently 40. And I was like, “wait, that’s wrong I was born in 1981 and I’m 40…”
Crap. I’m 41.

Gmail’s Snooze feature has to be one of the best stress relievers ever

…until all those snoozed items just *bam* refill your inbox.

All hail Abby! Master of all she lays her eyes upon!

Stranger Things, Halt and Catch Fire, Physical…. Loving modern dramas set in the 80s.
Any other suggestions?

I *love* these videos by EasyTrip, sharing South Korean information with style and clarity.

I super love Which is why I was watching the investor presentation... and was really upset to see there are NO women in the executive team?! are there plans to fix this in the future?

Gaah! It’s that horrible time of the year when it’s getting cold but the vending machines don’t have hot coffee yet….

Sometimes I wonder about how many times I’ve been in the background of other people’s vacation pictures.
Showing up in random digital photo frames and phone background pictures around the world…

Thanks to for sharing a link from Double Tap TV - a television show about and consumer technology! How cool is that! Super professional too. Just subscribed.

(Might be good as guests for the next week on!)

I love this thread on my site It shows the power of ppl coming together to solve an issue & helping someone with a enjoy .
It also highlights that so many problems could be avoided by being upfront with info!

Watching “Physical” and pretty sure I want to move to 1980s California …

Here is a video of one of winning poems:

My friend is an awesome poet and you can hear him in this radio show (September 10th)! So wish held come back to Japan!

I tried a few years ago but not being a designer it was a fun tool to try.
A few years later I rediscovered it and was blown away by the progress 🤯

Now I use it at work and have a pro subscription for work.

“The Future is Visual” has me so pumped!

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