The pipes in my apartment under the washing machine were clogged since property management hasn’t cleaned them in 10+ years. The plummer is here fixing them.

It is may day off and I want to relax, but I feel guilty about not working while the plummer is working… so, work I do

Maaaan, I wish they had these when I visited Miami 15 years ago... I also hope they make it here to Japan!

Yay! There is a Sid in Fantasian. I can go back to being a teen now.

The overwhelming joy of reaching inbox-zero after an email blitz is quickly overwhelmed by the stark realization that all the replies will come back at the same time...

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

Man, printer companies are extortionists.

Simple black and white doc and

"You're out of Cyan!! We are holding your document hostage until you buy more blue for your monochrome print job. Yes, we know you have a full black cartridge, but you cannot print without cyan!"

Listened in on my first stockholders meeting. Unfortunately, the question I submitted wasn't asked.

However, at the end some guy started screaming at the CEO of ... wish he had been more audible

Is 500ml of coffee too much? ...or not enough?

Why is it that when people find out you have a cat or dog they ask “what type/breed is it?”

But when they find out you have a rabbit or less common pet type they ask “how long do they live?”


“Oh, you have an endearing pet! 😍 How long until it dies? 😈”

That was a first.

After putting on the apron, the new dentist asked if I wanted a towel. I assumed for my neck, but she wrapped it around my face so only my mouth was exposed.

Glad she did because she drenched me with the water-sprayer tooth-water...

Dear news programs:
I have seen an injection.
You don’t need to show a loop of arms being stuck with needles every single time you talk about COVID-19.
Thank you.

OK, creepiest hotel website I've seen. Would you want to stay in a hotel where the website's top video shows a view of people's rooms in the hotel from outside (with said visitors seen moving around in their rooms)?

Trying to learn something new from a different person’s perspective every day. It gets harder as you as you get set in your ways as you age. But that is how you grow as a human.
That is my goal this year. What did I learn from someone today.

Does anyone have suggestions for channels that feature ?

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