How did I miss this (oh yeah, pandemic).

You can book Toyoko Inn rooms online now - no need to call/fax! Great news for budget travelers who have a disability!

Just saw a champagne commercial with a fried egg in it. Now I want a fried egg.

Does anyone else sometimes calculate money/expenses/income with inanimate objects?

Like that’s a specked-out MacBook a year, or that’s an XBox Series X a month…

Just me?

Uhh… creating an ad for my site about travel and used a picture of me in my and it was considered “clickbait”?! I have seen sooo many inappropriate ads featuring scantily clad people, but wheelchairs are clickbait?!

The ropeway is also accessible. The carriages themselves have a few variations (liftable seats or just cram yourself in the aisle). There is a slight bump to get in, but no gap or height difference.

While the cable car station at Gora still has a steep, slanted ramp to get on, Sounsan Station has a flattened platform near the accessible seating and new elevators (before it required 3 station staff push you up a steep platform!)

A great adventure always starts with accessible transportation.

Humbled tonight as I watch shows featuring disability rights pioneers (青い芝の会) and first major actor with a disability (神戸浩さん) in Japan. I can have my life in Japan thanks to them. And motivation to fight for the next generation.

Ok, I get it now.
Too Old to Die Young is from Nicolas Winding Refn.

Never thought I’d say this but…
Really wish CNN would play commercials in their international feed. Getting really sick of the same “60-second vacation” and “30 seconds of Zen” fillers…

Not sure why, but I reaaaally want to play Sleeping Dogs again. Hope there is a remaster one day, or better yet a sequel!

Watched WeCrashed and starting The Dropout…
I gotta be careful because I’m getting inspired…

The more I can’t order an Xbox Series X, the more I want an Xbox Series X….

A really fascinating read about a community where nearly every used sign language because 25% of the population was d/Deaf:

Super surprised and flattered to get a shout out on! Wanna know why they said my name?
Better listen to the latest episode!

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