Enjoying but feel bad for people from the . I think they should make revenge version about a salt of the earth cricket coach from the midlands going to coach baseball in New York.

Watch your back if you are from and living in - Uber Eats is coming for you!

I know this will never happen but please @Nintendo@twitter.com make a game for @AppleArcade@twitter.com - I know @Apple@twitter.com can pay!

Wow, Body Count is still in the house!
(Bring the noise please)

Sometimes I get frustrated with all the email subscriptions and push notifications I get and go on a great culling...

...then I keep checking my inbox/phone and feel lonely when nothing comes...😒

Is there a way to hook up Twitter and Mastodon so if I Tweet on Twitter the same thing will be Tooted on Mastodon?

@leo Finally got around to watching Hands on Mac and love it! A great Saturday.

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Oooh boy my work PC was not made for video editing.... sounds like a windy storm in a old barn...

Hey everyone! Are there any recommendations for iOS readers for Mastadon?


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