@leo There was the case of cryptolocker that managed to get into a *signed* (ie. bypasses Gatekeeper) distribution of popular client , twice.

There is a case to be made for anti-malware on MacOS, but it’s mostly based on fear and uncertainty, rather that current evidence.

However, tell that to the people who updated their legal and legit copy of Transmission and found their system crypto-locked...

Like so many things in life, it’s a percentage game.

Politics as it relates to Social Media 

While a lot of us are talking about phones today, can we also discuss whether or not we trust their built-in cloud services?

I actually like Samsung's approach to photos and device backup better than 's, but I don't trust their .

I like Samsung's browser better too, but like , they try very hard to push you into their "Customization Service," aka sending everything you do to Samsung. That's a fatal flaw.

What do you think?

After 40 minutes talking to Apple Support, they quoted me up to a $549 charge to service my two year old iPhone, because the charging port wasn’t working reliably.

Instead, I left the chat and found a suggestion from iFixit… using a toothpick to check for and clear hidden “lint” debris from the port. It looked perfectly clean, but to my surprise I got some out. My now charges again.

$550 to , after I’ve already paid them $1200, to fix what a toothpick could do.

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All FaceID has really accomplished for me is:

- changing to a shorter passcode for convenience in all the situations FaceID fails
- using PINs on sensitive app even if they accept FaceID, to avoid accidents
- wearing gloves more often

That's a decidedly meh outcome

This link was posted over on .community and I thought I’d share it to the .

The (impressively) used and code injection to inspect Ring’s *pinned* certificate traffic to previously undisclosed trackers/analytics providers. Turns out ’s apps are sending Pii, like your name and email address, to their partners, and telling them things like your unique device fingerprints. Not cool Amazon.


Sad News and the Toxicity of Twitter 

@SamGreenwood It could, but it's not designed to. TOR is designed for total "trust no one" privacy, with enough layers of obfuscation so that the "entrance" doesn't know the exit, and the "exit" doesn't know the entrance, and the "middle" doesn't know either end-point.

Likewise, selecting the geographic location of the exit point is counter to that design.

If your question is "Can I use TOR to watch __?" then the answer is likely "no". Geo-block aside, the speed alone would make it unbearable.

: Before deleting , be sure to erase your data from their sync service at sync.opera.com/

If Opera is willing to conduct fraud and behave illegally with their lending apps, how long until they do the same with their browser and stored user data?

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: I liked 's browser, but after reading this, I'm deleting my sync data and deleting it on all platforms. I'll stick with and .



Prior to Opera's IPO, they were bought by a Chinese group accused of fraud in lending.(quoting) "Opera has now ALSO made a … pivot into predatory short-term loans in Africa and India, deploying deceptive bait and switch tactics to lure in borrowers and charging egregious interest rates ranging from ~365-876%."

@jonw @SamGreenwood If you don’t mind not being able to crowd source finding your items, the lower cost of the Trackr may be worth it. They still work - there’s just not that many users, so if you lose your keys at the mall, the odds of someone else having the Trackr app open and letting you know where they are small. But that’s true of Tile too - just not AS small.

@nickapos You might want to add @gcluley if you’re into cyber security / infosec news.

There are also plenty of news bots that repost Twitter news accounts.

@leo @MikeElgan @Johncdvorak

@SamGreenwood I think they are struggling to gain critical mass to build their network, as Tile is dominating the space.

Tile is the Wirecutter's first pick, and their second pick is - also a Tile. thewirecutter.com/reviews/best

Likewise, on store shelves, Tile is everywhere; TrackR, not so much.

Plus, Apple's new Find My features have incorporated similar "network effect" tracking features since iOS 13, where any iPhone can "find" any other iPhone, even if the lost phone doesn't have signal.

@al Welcome! It's still pretty quiet on this instance, but I always compare the (Mastodon) to c.2007-2008, when there was some real fun and novelty to finding the use cases and creating a community.

I remember going to and using hashtags to create real time back-channels that connected the entire conference.

With the ability to follow people (not just topics), I can see, eventually, .social connecting the community even closer than and forums.

Hello folks! It’s nice and non-toxic out here. Hope you come and join us! Thanks @leo!

I’ll share an app : Most of us in and across the South East are going to bed preparing for tomorrow.

Without a doubt, the definitive go to app for accurate, detailed, live radar is .

If you know just a little bit about how to read radar products, it can be a true life saver, by helping you see when “the real deal” is headed straight for you. (Just don’t be caught relying solely on it for warnings if the internet and cell towers go down.)

@leo @Lisa I know Scott’s podcast didn’t prove viable, but I sure do appreciate how closely he follows the consumer TV/sound industry. Just gotta figure out a way to make his knowledge profitable! :)

asking a user to content warn charged political language 

We now live in an age where diplomatic backchannels, once the work of mid-level staffers delivering messages on behalf of their bosses, now falls to the wayside as subtweeting foreign powers has become de facto diplomacy.

Wars now start and stop on Twitter.

That’s not to Twitter’s credit though. Imagine if the Twitter algorithm had chosen to obscure the Iranian tweet.

Thank God for chronological sort and seeing ’s “we’re done if you’re done” tweet before committing further action.

@Lisa @jim @leo Awesome. You know, when I first saw @jim’s question about the bot, I thought to myself, “hmm. There’s not a lot of us on TWiT.social yet. Might be overkill.” But then it occurred to me when @Lisa said “Marketing Team” that what we post here does get propagated, for the most part, throughout the connected . So a TWiTShows bot would be a cool way to reach out to those people and potentially grow the audience. Glad to hear it’s in consideration!

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