A simple tip for those new to Mastodon servers and the : the “local timeline” is a great place to find good content when you’re on a good instance, like

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@JT I do enjoy Local timelines a lot -- they are one of the things I value and like to explore and see in the Fediverse.

Just made a blog post, regarding if it's important to chose an instance, and my answer is Yes, no doubt.

If anyone is interested, the post is at

@rgx Agreed. The value of the local timeline is why I decided to _not_ standardize on one account, but to have a separate account on each instance I’m interested in. It’s a sub-optimal solution but the best way to enjoy each niche, IMHO.

@JT Yes.

We do find a lot of nice things when looking at the Home feeds, meet good people and make new friends. But we don't follow all of their posts, or the posts of other nice people at their instance.

So joining their instance is good for anyone curious and social. This exact process happened to me, finding inspiration for my own work from some great story telling I glimpsed at in a passing thread.

Someone mentioned that Fedilab can let you look and see the Local feed at any locale too.

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