I’m trying to think of what kind of content would be good for this more transient TWiT.social, vs. the more perpetual TWiT.community. I’m sure each platform will collectively find its conversational niche, but I haven’t yet discovered it.

Like, when asking myself - do I Snapchat someone, DM them on Instagram DM, send a message via Signal, or give them an old fashioned call? There are rules here, but they’re mostly unwritten and intuitively understood.


Right now, I’m thinking that for me, TWiT.community will be where I post when I feel like I have something to ask or share that is worth an amount of community good that is greater than the inherent cost associated with forum fatigue.

On the other hand, TWiT.social feels like a space where it’s safe to make the posts more about me and less about the topic. Here the topic feels like an implied and informal, “what’s up?”

Am I the only one thinking about this?

@JT Seems like it could be both. Especially since there's a lot of us who are not on Twitter or are on twit.community but are on the greater fediverse that are willing to give a follow.

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