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For those interested in

LastPass Webinar next Thursday the 23rd. Open to all. Sign up here: t.co/P5kzTJLzWc

Don't forget are something you have not something you know, so you could be compelled to give access to them.

"Moses said the law is everything
Jesus said love is everything
Marx said money is everything
Freud said sex is everything
Einstein said everything is relative"

- Norman Lebrech in "How Jews Changed the World"

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USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU ‘by autumn 2024’ - The Verge - theverge.com/2022/6/7/23156361

The legislation still needs to be approved by the EU Parliament and Council later this year, but this appears to be a formality. In a press release, the European Parliament stated clearly that the law will be in place “by autumn 2024.” By this date, all devices covered by the law and sold in the EU will have to use USB-C for wired charging.

I'm dipping my toes into and I spent too much time getting it running on my Synology NAS, so I wrote up a quick guid on how I got it running.


Lastpass announced passwordless authentication to their app. That's all great, but how do they encrypte/decrypt my data? Sounds like they must store my encryption key to do so. What am I missing?


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chrome://system/#typec_connector_class will display information about any USB Type-C partner and cable you attach. The output is only lightly processed from the raw objects we get from the devices themselves, but the info is there!

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Good quality cables certified by USB-IF may have these official logos. These help distinguish cables visually. Logos are only half the solution though: How is a user supposed to know which logo to look for to support DisplayPort?

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"In many states, it is easier to own a gun than a dog."


Recently, my daughter and wife's school went though a scare. Luckily it was overblown and nothing happened. There was someone with a gun in the nearby neighborhood, so the school was put into lockdown (it should have been a "shelter in place," words matter).

Kids and teachers should NEVER have to hide in their classrooms with teacher's so afraid that they are telling 8 year olds to grab scissors, just in case.

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Your second amendment rights are not more important than their right to grow up.

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