When I was younger and more depressed I didn't care if I made it to age 30 and acted with reckless abandon.

Now that I am turning 37 I honestly think I still have at least another 37 years in me.

I still behave poorly but I suppose I am making progress.

To the next 37 years!

Links to Amazon, Book Pick 

Book pick, for anyone who wants to learn more about the United States past with official discrimination against LGBTQ folks.

The Deviant's War: The Homosexual vs. the United States of America amazon.com/dp/B082VL9BCL/ref=c

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I do not like using Facebook much but when I feel like I can add a significant opinion to an article online and there is no comment section I do it as a public Facebook post instead.

Here are some thoughts on this article about DoorDash from a full time DoorDash driver (me.)


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Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon - vice.com/en/article/5dgm5k/tru

“Based on the screenshots I have seen, it absolutely is based on Mastodon,” Eugen Rochko, founder and lead developer of Mastodon told Motherboard in an email. He pointed to one screenshot of Truth Social’s error message, which is using the default Mastodon elephant mascot.

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Conclusion & First Impressions - Apple's M1 Pro, M1 Max SoCs Investigated: New Performance and Efficiency Heights - anandtech.com/show/17024/apple

The M1 Pro and M1 Max change the narrative completely – these designs feel like truly SoCs that have been made with power users in mind, with Apple increasing the performance metrics in all vectors. We expected large performance jumps, but we didn’t expect the some of the monstrous increases that the new chips are able to achieve.

I am downloading Windows 11 to my desktop now. Part of me was worried as I have a Ryzen CPU, however it is a brand new Ryzen 7 and honestly I never come close to using its full potential, so I am willing to lose a few percent of performance to test out a new platform.

If it is awful I can always switch back to 10. We shall see.

Seems to me the biggest takeaway from the new airpods is the head tracking.

Apple has been slowly adding in more AR and VR features into its products over time and I feel like the head tracking while useful for spatial audio will also be something very useful for future Apple glasses products.

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Dear #FaceBook engineers, please take your time, no rush, and well, maybe it's a good time to feel ill and take a day off.

Anyone else ever suddenly not get bitten by mosquitos? I have been hounded by them for years and now they are just not interested in my blood anymore.

Not that I am complaining, just seems strange.. :twit:

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In the darkness, the only thing we have is each other. Please hold on. We need everyone to get through this.

And that’s all I’ll say right now.

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I just got told by someone that HIPPA makes it illegal to deny someone service for not wearing a mask. I tried to explain what HIPPA actually was and then they said "yeah and medical records are where the reason we can't wear a mask are stored"

You could almost make an argument about ADA being the reason they cannot deny you service. You would be wrong then too, because they only have to provide reasonable accommodations with that act, which would include carside service or delivery options.

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Activision Blizzard cares about an inclusive workplace as long as it means no unions. Or probably all non-bros.


"...the company has retained the services of prestigious law firm WilmerHale, which is the same law firm helping Amazon keep its workers from unionizing. Considering ongoing efforts to unionize game workers, the partnership is a little concerning. "

I don't post enough to social media. I miss you guys. 😀

Mental Disorders - pity post 

I have bipolar disorder and my wife has borderline personality disorder. We have rough days but today was the worst by far.

I am glad I am with somebody who can at least try to understand me and I do my best to understand her but it is not easy.

I wish there was something that could just make us both better but I just have to hope tomorrow is a better day.

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I'm no techie, but if "major websites" are down then perhaps the problem isn't with the tech but with the fact that there's such a thing as a "major website"

There's no reason we all have to visit the same ten websites as each other every day, support the little guys

I like the way this place works, where there are lots of little sites and you can choose the ones you interact with, but they're all interlinked on a network, you know, like a kind of inter... net...?

It may only be 78 degrees right now where I live but with the humidity the past few days it feels like you are wearing a warmed wet blanket whenever you go outside. Ick. 🌅😭

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