Read about poll on The Register to distinguish hacker/hacking from criminal activity. Wondering if we might hear from Mr. Iain Thompson about it on an upcoming TWiT.

I work in an IT dept. Most of our dept. leadership left recently. Company installed an interim leader who appears more interested in their own agenda vs. ensuring we meet our commitments. Many people would deal with such stress with drink, games, painting, etc. I ... repurpose unused servers and build hyperconverged clusters with Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct.

Just now watching yesterday's TWiG. They are discussing Google shutting down in-house Stadia game development. Makes me sad. Big fan of Stadia. Don't care if Google makes their own games. My family really enjoys playing on Stadia.

Anyone know of a federated cookbook in the fediverse?

How does Mastodon fit in with or contrast with IndieWeb? I have done a lot of casual research into both, but haven’t gone as far as deploying my own Mastodon server or adding IndieWeb features to my personal website.

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