Attending a Minnesota United soccer game. First time we've been to one.

Making Ginger snaps. The house smells so good right now.

@leo On this week, came up. Any chance of getting added to the list of identities we can add to our profiles over there?

-11 at the bus stop this morning called for some additional bundling up.

Visited the Grand Canyon today. Stopped at a brewery/distillery on the way back too.

Astrophotography mode on my Pixel 4XL. This was in my hotel parking lot so there was light pollution (the bright light above the picture was the Moon. Pics with it in frame didn't turn out).
I'm eager to try it in warmer conditions. 28F is a bit chilly to stand around in.

Upgrading an old . This is a weather lamp I built with a Raspberry Pi Zero. The lights are a Pimoroni Blinky. It runs a Python script hourly that goes out, grabs a weather report, & sets the lights. Red means it's going to warm up over the next few hours.
Today I moved it to a Pi Zero WH to eliminate the need for a USB wifi dongle.
I also decided that I might as well consolidate stuff & make it my Pi Hole as well.

Thanks for setting this up, @leo! I'm looking forward to seeing what the fediverse has to offer.

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