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I know folks got justifiably more pressing concerns right now, but when you got room in your brain, think about locking down your sensitive notes and communications. Not just private, but local.

Any service offered to you is a weapon that can be used against you.

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Boost if you remember the times when GIFs were used for transparency instead of animation. #retro #RetroCompuing

A workplace needs at least one lazy person to show others how workflows can be optimized!

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oh fuck yes ; floppotron v3 just got announced

this is not a drill



(if you are wondering wtf a 'floppotron' is, click the link ; its kid friendly

Cinematic blood & gore 

"Stormtroopers, but They're ACCURATE" !!!

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speaking of game deals, Ark: Survival Evolved is 100% off right now on Steam

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I could not help it, sorry for ruining Star Wars Jawa's forever but:

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A piece I completed just before I joined Mastodon. It's #watercolor on paper, my first serious attempt in the medium in a long time. One I started I realized I don't have a feeling for translating a very literal image into something more loose, but I quite liked the outcome anyway

This piece is part of a fundraiser for #ukraine.

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #dogs
Hidden for eye contact


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